At our HAUS we... 
{ work } to deliver creative brand experiences through art and intelligent solutions. 
{ focus } on design, branding, advertising, as well as marketing.
{ service } clients ranging from start-ups to established companies. 
Find out more about some of our latest projects by clicking through the portfolio… and if you think we’d mesh, go ahead and send us a note in the contact section :) 

It's important to know who you're hiring to do the designing, branding and marketing for your company. Aside from the talent and creative aspect of a team, we feel that loyalty, trust and shared visions are just as important. Scroll down to learn a little more about our passion and commitment to life and to you. 
Miriam's ability to strategize on the business side in conjunction with Esther’s brilliant creative mind is what makes us the perfect team! 

Esther lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her 3 wonderful daughters who dig having a silly, creative, and humorous mom around. She has been perfecting her graphic design skills since 2000 through extensive work experience at publishing houses, magazine companies, and top marketing firms. Before creating a custom image for a client's brand, Esther believes in building a relationship with each client one-on-one in order to fulfill their individual and precise needs. Based upon ongoing conversations and constant research, Esther prides herself in finding the ultimate way to create a perfect out-of-the-box brand package to portray a company's unique message and offered services.
Miriam grew up in Miami, Florida, but has considered New York City her home for many years. She studied Business at Pace University, went on to get a Masters in Art Therapy at Hunter College, and has a laundry list of experience in various different business and cultural settings. Miriam has traveled and eaten her way through 40+ countries, worked with autistic children and spent time doing the hedge fund shtick. Her deep understanding of human psychology tied in with fierce business sense and strategy is what makes her so brilliant in everything that she does at Brand Haus Design! 
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